Our team of investment fund managers have extensive and world-class experience in our respective fields. While each of us is responsible for our own portfolios and dedicated to serving the best interests of each of our clients, we work closely together to share ideas and discuss market prospects in order to develop the most effective strategies. We also have an appointed independent investment committee ready to validate these strategies and ensure that our asset allocation and investment selection are appropriate to your risk tolerance and will most effectively help you achieve your goals.

This places us in the best position to help you make financial decisions and implement sure-fire investment strategies based on your short and long-term goals.

Mohammed Miah

The Fund Promoter

Our Fund Promotor, Mr. Mohamed Miah, is a registered member of the South African Institute of Bankers, holding South African FSB, RE1 and RE3 discretionary and hedge fund qualification certifications. Highly skilled with extensive experience, Mr Miah has worked across a number of disciplines including sales, risk management, risk reporting and risk aggregation. Through his practice, Mr Miah has aided the portfolio development of a number of private and institutional clients as well as small to mid-cap corporate finance solutions providing mandated client services. He has applied his vast and finely-tuned skills to develop programs for global blue chip groups and family offices as well as high value sports, motorsports, engineering and super prime property groups. Most recently, Mr Miah has worked in complex, multidisciplinary delivery roles, facilitating growth and income-generating projects and establishing sustainable business models.

Thomas Duerr


Thomas Duerr has an extensive experience in finance and deep knowledge of the financial markets in general. He has a proven track – record as Corporate Treasurer and MD of Finance in a leading group of the watch and luxury industry. As former Head of IR, he is well connected to the financial community.

Olivier Hance

Independant Legal Advisor

Member of the Bar of Luxembourg (in quality of “Lawyer before the High Court of Justice”), Brussels and Paris (Schedule IV of foreign lawyers), Olivier is a specialized fund international lawyer, international business and finance. Olivier Hance is also a proud member of the prestigious following associations: STEP Network, IBA and International Referral.