Player International Fund invests in highly diversified and various asset-classes, using actively-managed blue-chip investment funds (sub-funds) in major OECD and BRIC countries which meet the approval of our appointed Global Investment Committee.

We’re also able to provide additional investment in under-represented types of low-risk large-cap private equity investments and alternative situations, allowing us to target undervalued low debt, asset-rich diversified industries and engineering, property, technology and resources groups.

In doing so, we aim to achieve superior returns from non-conventtional asset class whose risk adjusted returns are forecast higher than listed shares, according to historical real returns data

To ensure that risk is as minimal as possible, we work with renowned fund managers to invest our holdings using established and proven strategies of the world’s largest capitalised fund groups.

We adhere closely to our investment philosophy as well as governance, risk management and investment committee fiscal fund rules in order to  deliver the targeted annual expected returns. These targeted returns are linked to the expected real return of underlying sub-funds, taking into account collective long-term risk aggregation perspectives.

Additionally, our income fund policy accommodates 3-5% withdrawals over time without diminishing capital. This allows our investors to achieve consistently high distribution returns, especially during periods of low interest rates.

Our broad risk spreading philosophy, long-term outlook and highly diversified investment universe makes us an ideal option for investing in or alongside unlisted equity, private equity funds and unlisted property investment vehicles of the world’s largest investors.

The Investment Committee

The Global Investment Committee serves a number of purposes, all of which work to provide additional assurance for our clients. For instance, the Committee:

  • Helps us to maintain the most prudent, effective and stringent governance of our fund

  • Formulates, oversees and supports our economic and market strategies, investment philosophy, allocation policies and risk management

  • Performs financial, legal, tax and business due diligence across the many differenceasset class types we undertake

  • Supports processes by providing effective control, analysis, reconciliation and compliance by monitoring reporting

  • Utilises systems and control mechanisms to guarantee transparency

In addition to dedicated sub-fund managers, the Global Investment Committee can also rely on a number of advisory boards comprised of internationally-recognised market and industry specialists for specialised risk management advice.

Operational management - The Governance model

Real Estate Advisory Board

For advice on proposed unlisted real estate investments. This covers various aspects including commerciality, structure, risk, pricing and strategic rationale. The Real Estate Advisory Board assesses the risk of projects independently and impartially.

Allocation and Risk Advisory Board

For advice on finance and economics-related asset allocation decisions, including the relationship between the real economy and financial markets. This board offers insights into new academic and empirical researching regarding risk modelling, risk aggregation, actuarial studies and allocation and investment strategies

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