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Player International Fund is a private reserved alternative investment fund offering boutique service backed by the same resources and strategies of the largest fund promoters.

Our team consists of world-class asset managers that have specialised knowledge and extensive experience. Together, we are dedicated to providing genuine active fund management that delivers high and rising income along with long-term capital growth. We offer high levels of macro and micro management and personalised care to each of our clients, ensuring that we’re implementing strategies that are tailored to meet your needs and designed to achieve the best possible results.

We operate under an umbrella structure, consisting of several sub-funds. We offer shares for subscription in our sub-funds including the Player International Fund – Growth and Player International Fund – Income.

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Player International Fund (PIF) is an investment company with variable capital – reserved alternative investment fund – incorporated as a corporate partnership limited by shares under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Managed by a general partner company saved by seasoned experts in finance and professional directors.

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— Johnny Peters, Executive Officer

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