Reserved Alternative Investment Fund Luxembourg

Player International Fund (PIF) is an investment company with variable capital – reserved alternative investment fund – incorporated as a corporate partnership limited by shares under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Company is subject to the law of 23rd July, 2016 relating to reserved alternative investment funds, as amended or supplemented from time to time (the “2016 Law”).​

The Fund combines the spirit and the culture of an Investment Fund boutique using the resources and the strategies of the largest Fund promoters.

The Fund is managed by world-class assets managers with specialist knowledge and experience in order to deliver high and rising income & long-term capital growth through a genuine active fund management.

The Fund Managers work together closely; sharing ideas and debating markets prospects, each manager has individual responsibility for his or her own portfolios structure of the fund.

The Player International Fund has an umbrella structure and may consist of several Sub-Funds.

The Player International Fund offers Shares for subscription in the following Sub-Funds:


At Player International Fund, we believe in providing high quality services today for the best returns tomorrow. We focus on delivering long-term risk-adjusted returns for every client while maintaining consistent and growing income, ensuring both short and long-term gain.

We manage our fund based on long-term asset allocation strategically designed to meet the fund’s risk profile. We utilise a multi-portfolio approach and carefully allocate assets in a way that takes advantage of the various ways different types of investments behave over time.
By leveraging these differences, we’re creating portfolios aim to generate competitive returns with reduced volatility.

In order to strike the best balance between risk control and superior returns, we believe in the three fundamental principles:

–          Diversification: Broadly diversified, we systematically diversify your investment between fund managers and asset-classes.

·         Knowledge and Analysis: Constantly evolving market conditions, the arbitrage decisions require significant research by large team of analysts. To benefit from this crucial competence, the Player International Fund invests with the world’s largest capitalised fund managers.

·         Activism on active Asset Management.

The protection of your investment and the objective of the superior return requiring from our fund an “activist” attitude, constantly monitoring global market from a macro perspective on medium term investment horizon.


Every member of the Player International Fund team is dedicated to achieving high and rising income along with long-term capital growth for each of our clients.

We achieve this core objective through multi-pronged strategies that include:

·        Managed investment grade portfolios comprising of equities, equity-related securities, fixed interest securities and global asset backed super prime real estate; and

·        Portfolios encompassing government and corporate bonds, fixed interest securities, preference shares, convertibles and ordinary shares.

To find out more about how you can build your portfolio with Player International Fund, get in touch today !